As a certified growth life coach. Cissy partners with you to develop you individually, work through pivotal life changes and help you to live a more focused life. Coaching isn’t about “Fixing You”, instead Cissy will function as partner, helping you live out your own dreams and discovering your value. You’ll be the one setting the agenda. The focus of the conversations will help you to go deeper and reach higher in your life. You will explore the strategies and support structures you need to succeed in reaching your dreams and goals. Together we are able to create a customized, systematic plan and walk with you to make your goal a reality. We are here to help you cultivate a life of greatness.

Are you starting a new business? Having a hard time with filling out you 5013c paperwork for your non-profit? Cissy is here to help you by elevating your dreams and aspirations to take you to the next level. Starting a business doesn’t have to be hard we offer a wide range of services. As well as a long list of partners from CPA’s Insurance Brokers, even Graphic designers to help with the process. We are fully committed to be present, participate and endeavor to always bring our best self. We will listen, challenge, guide, educate and mentor providing expert professional advice.